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Following Jobs are Currently Offered at Banglalink:

 Job Title
 Job Detail
  1.  DWH Service Specialist Engineer
  March 3, 2023
  2.  Digital Platform Chartered Engineer, DevOps
  March 3, 2023
  3.  Digital Platform Chartered Engineer, Backend
  March 3, 2023
  4.  Digital Operations Chartered/Principal Engineer
  March 2, 2023
  5.  Digital Platform Chartered/Principal Engineer, Micro-Services
  March 2, 2023
  6.  Digital Solution and Service Lead Engineer
  February 24, 2023
  7.  Transformation Management Senior Manager
  February 5, 2023
Banglalink is an equal opportunity employer and we are determined to uphold this commitment throughout the recruitment process. We do not discriminate or give undue preference to any specific individual or group.