Revenue Assurance & Fraud Management Senior Manager  
Major Responsibilities
  • Lead and supervise fraud management team to ensure smooth operation of RAFM system and controls
  • Guide revenue assurance & fraud management team on the timely fraud and leakage risk identification, ensure detected risks are escalated to and mitigated by concern unit on time; quantification and measurement of lost revenue and savings; ensure lost revenue is recovered as much as possible
  • Plan and advise the team to ensure new and existing product are fraud risk free through analyzing new product launched with no process to bill, unexpired product/service promotions; expired service or promotion no longer billable, unprofitable equipment sales/installation, low margin calls, APPM impact, campaign management discounts subscriber
  • Guide the team and assist with the preparation of monthly revenue assurance and fraud management dashboard report for submission to management; act as a POC to facilitate requirements of the audit team (internal & external) and ITGC audit issue
  • Regularly explore and suggest the improvement areas of fraud management controls in alignment with business plan and policies; propose and present plan to Management to seek approval for implementation; convert detective control to preventive controls; explore and identify appropriate controls to map the fraud risks
  • Guide the team to conduct regular analysis of commission structure, retailers’ performance, subscribers’ performance to detect the activation fraud, dealer fraud, subscription fraud and other cost leakages into the sales commission structure/modality
  • Identify the fraud risks and propose the improvement areas to marketing/sales into the commission scheme; perform business case validation for offering new commission to ensure the cost effectiveness of sales channels, detection of retailer and dealer arbitrage guide the team to assure the commission items for ensuring commission are disbursed to eligible retailer/distributors with no cost leakage
  • Ensure staff are equipped with the requisite knowledge; identify training requirements to develop team; ensure proper coverage and timely execution, detection, quantification and reporting of revenue assurance and fraud management controls
  • Roadmap and methodology to identify and quantify revenue leakage and fraud risk across various income streams,
  • Development of the root cause analysis, devise and implementation of detective and preventive controls for sealing leakage and fraud risk points
  • Combating and implement proper controls for illegal bypassing and interconnect fraud
  • Liaison with various fraud forum consists of different operators and partners for preventing interconnect fraud and benchmark and measurement for the interconnection controls against policy
  • Define standards, process and policy for revenue assurance and fraud matters as per TMF and GSMA standard
  • Control the illegal by pass fraud through self-regulation and test call generator
  • Experience in managing different kinds GSM frauds including subscription fraud, distribution fraud, IRSF fraud, dealer Fraud, roaming Fraud, content stealing fraud and others
Required Academic Qualifications
  • Bachelors/Masters in Computer Science or, equivalent from a reputed UGC approved institute
Required Experience
  • Total 7-9 years of experience in the relevant field within which 2-4 years of managerial experience
Required Knowledge & Skills
  • Strong knowledge of telecommunication products and service
  • Thorough knowledge of telecom network elements
  • In-depth knowledge on Revenue Assurance and risk management
  • Solid understanding on Revenue Operations and Financial System
  • Hands-on experience on database and MS Office suits
  • Proven leadership and people management skills
Department/Division/Job Location
  • Finance/Dhaka

Application Deadline: Sunday, June 25, 2017
Candidates who do not meet the education, experience and other attributes will NOT be considered.

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